CRITTERS ATTACK! is a reboot of the cult horror franchise for Warner Brothers Home Video / Sy Fy. Coming July 23, 2019. Directed and executive produced by Bobby.
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THE CLEANSE is a comedy/drama/fantasy creature feature that premiered at SXSW. Written/Directed by Bobby. Rent/Purchase the film.

END TIMES won ”Best Short Film” at Boston Underground film festival and was part of the Opening Night Gala at the Maryland Film Festival. It’s since played Fantastic Fest, Fantasia, and other film festivals around the world. Written/Directed by Bobby.
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TUB is about a guy who jerked off in the shower and accidentally impregnated his bath tub. It’s the short film that started Bobby down his “little critter” track; It world premiered at Sundance and went on to play over 40 film festivals including SXSW and Fantasia. Written/Directed by Bobby. Purchase here.