"TUB" gets mentioned in Fangoria!

Jeremy Selenfriend was recently interviewed by Fangoria about some projects he’s been working on.  He was the FX guru on “TUB”.  Anyways, he had some kind words about the project and plugged IndyMogul.com as well:

“I did one called TUB, which is the unfortunate tale of a man who masturbates into his bathtub, which becomes impregnated and spits forth this little monster baby,” Selenfriend explains. “That one was a whole lot of fun to work on, from a promising director named Bobby Miller, who does The Best Short Films at Indymogul.com.  I really expect big things out of him; he’s a very, very talented guy. You can find out more about TUB at its official website.“

Thanks Jeremy!  I hope we can make some more crazy ass shit in the future.