Anthony Carboni is going to get me in trouble...


 Let’s Get Bobby Miller Some FUCKING RESPECT


Spend an Evening with the girls of NonSociety: Only $100!

Some Backstory

Okay, so here’s the deal. You might remember, about a million years ago, TMI Weekly nearly had a crossover with my pal Bobby’s show, The Best Short Films in the World. It got this close:

But then you know what happened? Nothing. No further discussion. Not even a “thanks, but no thanks, weirdy” (a response Bobby commonly gets). Once again, the ladies leave Bobby Miller out in the cold. Bobby Miller. Shortlisted for a Webby, album-releasing, awesome-commercial-directing Bobby Miller. Who do these women think they are, with their ‘fanny packs are making a comeback’ show?

Yes, his voice is obnoxious. Granted, his grooming habits are less than stellar. Of course he thinks the government is turning his laundry inside out when he sleeps. But he can animate fruit, so the man deserves a little respect.

So what’s the plan?

So glad you asked. Up top, you’ll see a link to a charity auction. The winner gets to spend an evening with the women of TMI Weekly. I say we start a collection and win this auction for Bobby “I make movies about people copulating with various fixtures in their apartment” Miller. I want these women put into a smelly room with him and forced to talk to him about what he thinks the government is putting in our water (hint: it is not a theory based in fact or reality, girls).

Who’s in?

If you’re interested in pledging a couple bucks towards the auction (which is for charity and would now officially go to two good causes; drinking water for children and Bobby Miller), send an email to

Like the man said himself: “Let’s Get Vapid.”

Reblog this and let the world know it’s Bobby’s time to shine.