One of the nicest (and longest) comments on the show ever.

Giggling Dog (guest) wrote on February 5, 1:13 am

Sup Bobby,
I’m really glad you got Jess to co-host the show. I think you’re taking this in the right direction. 

But, I can’t help but wonder what is it about the show that makes it so entertaining. I think the answer lies in the ability for most of your viewers to relate to you. It’s the “I’m all by myself in my room” and the “I don’t need a girlfriend”, that makes it easy to relate to. On the other hand a lot of viewers want to help Bobby; get him a girlfriend, make him popular. It’s things like this that make “The Best Short Films in the World” as good as it is.

The theme of  "I’m a loser", even translates into the intro. Your theme song even sounds like it was sung by awful singers. And thats part of what makes the show great, that its consistent through out. The, uncomfortability around girls, sloppiness of the apartment, the cardboard title card etc. Every show echoes the same theme.

Yeah the shorts are awesome but, I think the show itself tells a story. A story about Bobby Miller, a disliked nerd who has to over come the druduries of daily life, which I think is something people come back to, to see how Bobby over came that (even if they’ll never cut off their own finger).  And I think this is where everything comes full circle; where the films the viewers send in influence Bobby which in turn influences the viewer. This is where Bobby Miller becomes a role model, where the viewer says “If Bobby can get a girlfriend so can I.” Something that has happened to this writer anyway. Just like Peter Parker of Spiderman People said at first “no one wants to see the hero struggle with his personal life.”

But in time it’s the overcoming the real world challenges that makes the comic/movies so popular.  When Spiderman defeats a Supervillan people cheer but, when Peter wins Mary Jane’s heart people cheer even louder. 

Likewise when Bobby gets the girl people cheer even louder than they did at the shorts! Maybe I’m wrong but what I can see of the comment boards, people who watch the show love Bobby more than the films. So in the future I’d always look where the show is headed so you keep the “I don’t get out much” theme intact; nobody likes a jerk.

- Episode 17

Whoever you are, thank you for your kind words.  This is what I live for.